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Combining leading-edge products & systems with superior customer service, APARC gives you the best parking management solution available across Australia, and New Zealand. The APARC Smart City offering is an Australian/New Zealand first with kiosks, sensors, permits, enforcement, payment processing, mobile phone parking, all under the one roof

Strada Mobile

APARC together with Flowbird facilitates mobile parking in the easiest and smartest way by our simple and secure payment solution, created from the needs of the end user. Parking convenience is at your fingertips with the Strada Mobile app. Pay for parking on your mobile device, get notified before your time runs out, and extend your time without visiting a parking meter (note that time extension rules vary location by location).

Key features of the app include:

  • Mobile Payments via smartphone or web
  • Parking Pressure display (for select locations)
  • Find my car (for those of us who forget where they parked)
  • Touch ID

Registration for Strada Mobile is free: just create your account via the app or web. Once you’ve created an account, you can park and pay for parking in any location that utilizes the Strada Mobile app. Caution: Strada Mobile is not available everywhere, please consult the list of eligible locations on our website.

How to Use the App:

  • Create an account
  • Choose the vehicle license plate
  • Select your location on the map
  • Use the dial to choose how long you want to park
  • Confirm your payment

Payment with Strada Mobile is ultra secure. Your data is protected and our process is certified via 3rd party audit against Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.

With Strada Mobile parking becomes easier, safer and faster!


Get Strada Mobile for iOS or Android

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